As self-centred as it may sound, this blog is about me and the happenings around me - what I do, what I use, and yes, sometimes I think too; but hopefully it is about you readers - how you'll make fun of me, how you'll learn from my mistakes, and at some point we might interact.

Experience consists of some sort of reviews and my opinions on some products I personally use. I'm not tagging this under review because I don't think I make a good reviewer as I am and will always be biased, so I don't think it's fair to give you any sort of false hopes that my reviews would be impartial.

Beauty is actually a subcategory of experience, but I think it deserves to stand on its own because although it might not seem obvious, it plays a big part in my everyday life.

Life is what's happening in my life and my occasional thought-purge.

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