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Eczema: Rosken Skin Repair Sensitive Skin Cream Makes Me Use Corticosteroid Ointment Less

After about two years and two bottles of ego QV Skin Lotion, I found myself with a decision to buy another brand. This time it was because I waited to the very last minute to repurchase the lotion and I ran out of it and my skin was peeling profusely and there was no QV Skin Lotion in sight at the shop I was in.

And so I bought the Rosken Skin Repair Skin Cream. But I didn't buy the Sensitive version then. I chose the smallest tube I could find which was the Dry Skin version because I didn't know how my skin would react. The rationale was a smaller tube might not be too much a waste of money if my skin reacted badly to it. It turned out that I need not worry; and I bought a second tube, a bigger one, and one specifically for sensitive skin.

Before you can even begin to use the cream, you will have to remove the cap and the protective covering underneath. Otherwise you can squeeze the tube till you're blue like the tube and still no cream will come out.

The texture of the …

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