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I Guess I'm Now Fluffy the Cable Mender

Previously on Fluffy the Cable Slayer, Fluffy broke her MagSafe and bought a new one. This is the sequel...

But seriously, the new MagSafe is also broken, as in unusable even if it looks virtually new and the cables are fine, and I'm back with the old one.

To track back a little, a month into using the new MagSafe, there was a problem with charging but not too troublesome that I kept on using it - it would charge on and off but still usable. Three months into use the charging would turn on and off more often and then later on it was almost impossible to charge my MacBook especially during heavy use.

I thought of writing a full account on the problem and my attempt to get it fixed but every time I tried to I'd just get angry all over again, and so now I'd rather talk about the mending part - I mended the older MagSafe and I've been using it ever since.

The picture above is how it was before I bought the new one and before the mending [of course].

The Red Tape The mendin…

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