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I May Have a Favourite Author

Let me put it out there that I read almost exclusively classic books; and in addition to that, detective stories and fantasy, so, books mentioned here will naturally come from these genres and old… very old.

If I sound a bit antiquated throughout this blog, I blame the old books I read. And I apologise that many of you might not be able to relate to this article because the authors are a bit out of their time, so to speak.

I consider an author as ‘favourite’ when you specifically go for his/her books not because you want to find something interesting to read but because you know you will find something interesting to read. And I think I found that in G.K. Chesterton.

Funny enough, I was introduced to G.K. Chesterton by a fictional bookseller [you read it right] - I don’t remember which book, but if you think you might know please leave a comment below. I do however remember the book recommended by the bookseller, it was ‘The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare’. I remember it because I …

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