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When Were You Truly Happy?

What is happiness? Non-stop laughter? Life devoid of problems? Calm, peaceful contentment?

I have never been married and have never had children. They say that if you haven’t been through those two things, you have never known true happiness. I beg to differ. Not everything is for everyone and not everyone wants the same thing.

Happy Moments: Freedom When I was six or seven, just starting school, there was this one day right after recess when everyone went back to the classrooms, I decided to walk around the school ground. The ground was a large, open, grassy field with a line of large trees at the fringe towards a road, furthermost from the school buildings. The ground was deserted and I stayed there among the trees until the second period after recess. It was quiet, there were not many cars or people passing by; there was another school across the road whose occupants should also be in their classrooms. The whole school compound was fenced of course, including the ground, so the…

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