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Wet Wipes: When Washing Your Hands is a Luxury

I always wash my hands with water and cleanser before food; either touching or eating. When I’m at home the tap and cleanser are always at hand. When I’m outside that’s another matter.

That’s where wet wipes/tissues come in. And I rely on them quite heavily even when food is not concerned, such as right after I’ve touched something dirty that doesn’t require too thorough a cleansing and there’s no way to wash it off right away.

The two brands that I use often and almost exclusively, not due to any particular reasons by the way, are the Guardian Wet Wipes and Watsons Wet Tissues - both are in-house brands of their respective moniker.

The two wipes in general look just like a cotton pad that we use to remove makeup or apply toner with, but larger in size like a handkerchief and is moistened and infused with cleansing properties.  Both are housed in resealable packages. They seem to be made of fibrous material but are tightly constructed than the regular cotton pads so it’s more difficu…

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