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Fumakilla Vape One Push V: The Orange-Peel-Scented Mosquito Repellent in One Small Can

I am forever killing mosquitoes; it is an ongoing effort and I’ve never stopped. The fight is never ending with these buzzing, blood-sucking creatures and this time all I need is a push.

The marketing push [see what I did there] for the Fumakilla Vape One Push V is that one push of the spray is all you need to protect yourself or loved ones, or anyone around the vicinity really, from mosquitoes.

But what had me sold was that it emitted a really pleasant smell that reminded me of a freshly-peeled orange. Specifically, it reminded of the first scent you get when you peel a mandarine orange.

But of course there was no way of finding that out before it was sold. But imagine if that was its selling point - a mosquito repellent that smells like a freshly peeled orange. Not that bad I think, but it doesn't quite have that pull... or push [oh shut up!].

Anyway, I bought it out of curiosity. It comes in a tiny can and one push is apparently all you need to kill and keep mosquitoes away.


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