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I Bought My First Charles & Keith Bag

I first heard of Charles & Keith over ten years ago. In fact I did not simply hear about it I watched a docu-mag program on Channel NewsAsia - I don’t remember the name of the program but it was presented by Khairudin Saharom, a Singapore TV presenter [among others]. A quick search on Google did not produce any information on the show; so going on my memory [which can be cloudy sometimes], what impressed me the most about the brand was that it made its name in Abu Dhabi when the brand was practically unknown in Asia; certainly not in Malaysia. But the Abu Dhabi store was probably a figment of my imagination because from this article by the National Library Board of Singapore it was actually in Dubai that they had their store in; their first venture in the Middle East.

However, my first experience with one of their bags was not a positive one. It was about five years ago, the bag was a gift to my mom; it was an oversized slouchy tote with chunky metal straps. My mom thought that i…

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