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Appeasing My Sensitive Teeth/Gum

For quite some time I have been having a row of sensitive teeth, or gum specifically, on the upper left side of my teeth. I think it started way back when I was using one of those electric brushes with oscillating head. The brushing process was a bit harsh and it bruised my gum and pushed it upwards, and since then it has never been quite the same again. The sensitivity was a bit superficial in a way that the pain was not too deep, localised just around the gum, which is why I think I don't necessarily have sensitive teeth.

Anyway, a serious teeth sensitivity should always be checked out by a dentist since there can be a serious problem hidden underneath.

Mine wasn’t too severe until it became bloody. I mean I began to spit a small amount of blood while brushing.

My first thought was I should change the brush - I know it should be the dentist. But anyway the brush I was using was a bit tough, so I changed to a toothbrush which has a softer and finer bristle, which is the brush I’…

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