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Top Two Cleansers for My Eczema-Prone Skin

The terrible thing about eczema is dryness and then of course the flare-ups; and a cleanser can cause or exacerbate one or both of them. I have given up bar soaps entirely and use exclusively liquid body cleansers for everything that concerns washing.

The next terrible thing after all of the above is that almost all cleansers made for 'sensitive skin' are not suitable for my budget. I might be able to buy them once or twice but cleaning up is a daily business and I find cleansers made for babies are more appropriate financially speaking.

The two cleansers I have here are just that; they are for babies and are mild and not too expensive.

The Johnson's Baby Bath has, or rather had, been a consistent choice of mine but it's been quite difficult to find in shops lately and has presented me a few times with the opportunity to look for other alternatives such as the Summer Naturale Goat’s Milk Body Shampoo which I have written about, and the others which I have not. But this…

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