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Products I Have Tried During My Acne Days

Once upon a time I wanted to chronicle my journey fighting acne. I thought it would be great to share my experience with fellow acne sufferers. That was aeons ago. I kept putting it off. At the time I didn’t think my writing was good enough, I still don’t think my writing is good enough but as long as I can get the message across I don’t care that much anymore.

I have accumulated a lot of used products that I stashed for later in the region of storage where the sun don’t shine, and forgotten - in my closet - and had been there gathering dust, and so some of them don’t look presentable anymore. But then came this problem that I’m not an acne sufferer anymore, so the collection became even more forgotten.

I do still  get some spots sometimes, but less often and even so just little ones compared to the daily acne I used to get in sizeable portions. To give you an idea of how severe my acne problem was: I used to get one to three acne spots every day and this went on for many years. They…

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