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What I Do to Keep My Contact Lenses Clean

It has been over three years of my wearing contact lenses. I have now been wearing Biofinity contact lenses exclusively for a little under three years and using the Opti-Free Pure Moist as my preferred multipurpose solution for almost as long as that.
In my earlier post I have written why I have settled and prefer the Biofinity contacts. For those who have never heard of these lenses, they are extended-wear or long-wearing lenses that you can sleep in.
For long-wearing lenses, the risk of accumulated protein and debris, and infection increase as, obviously, the longer you have them on. So it is even more important that you clean your contacts properly.
Before I go on, these are what I personally do and are not meant as an advice. A complete instructions of your own multipurpose solutions or solutions of your choice should be available on the bottle or the manufacturer’s website.
Here goes the routines and precautions I take:
- I always wash my hands before touching my lenses.
- I wash …

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