Sweet Sixteen

Imagine if the Romans had remained in power.
I know it’s a bit late to acknowledge the arrival of 2016, but it’s the story of my life really; I’m either too early or too late to the scene.

Time moves fast when you’re having fun and when you’re not [in retrospect, that is]. When I was a kid, growing up to an adult seemed like a long way to go to the point of impossible.

It seems like yesterday that a year ago me, my mom and my brother spent the new year at the hospital. I remember the countdown and my brother even pointed out that he was in the toilet when the clock struck twelve - just silly things you notice when your life, the life of your loved ones were put into perspective.

I wonder what it would be like if we never kept track of time. What would happen if everyone lost track of time and how would we start anew.

A year on, my brother is getting so much better. When your loved ones are sick, nothing else seems to matter. But when they get better everything else matters again.

I'm hoping for a sweet sixteen... and seventeen and... can't we just live happily ever after now?