Project Gutenberg: Where Books Die and Go to Heaven

Gutenberg: Free Ebooks Heaven
… and become free ebooks.

But seriously, here's the real story: the books offered at Project Gutenberg are those that have run out of their copyrights and are made available for free, for people like you and me, to download and read or distribute. 

It’s not the only one of its kind however - just like the many levels of heaven [or so I hear] - there are many places where you can find free ebooks; search for it and you shall receive. In fact you can even find free ebooks at Amazon. It's just that Project Gutenberg is closer to my heart because it was one of the earlier ones I came across; before there was Kindle, before there were tablets.

Caveat... Sort Of

One caveat however, the books are free of copyrights for a reason; because they are old - very old - or fancily called classics. There are some newer, copyrighted titles available for free, but the bulk of them are classics. But I think it's for the better. Why? Because it's a workout for your brain. Besides, you might be surprised to find many of them are written in a fairly modern style that I find easy to understand; and that comes from someone whose first language is not English. Also, if you‘re like me, and you read using the Kindle or the Kindle app, it’s easy to look up a word that you don't understand, with a long-press or a long-tap. I used to be that reader who rushes through a book, but with these classics I've learned to savour each book and read a sentence twice or thrice [or more] to understand what it means.

Do I Need Kindle to Read These Books?

No, you don't. You can simply read the books online using your browser. The books are also available in many different formats, but my favourite is the Kindle; and you don't even have to own a Kindle device; you can simply download the free Kindle app to use on your mobile device and you're good to go.

I’m not going to try and suggest a book. There's no point in reading a supposedly good book if you’re not enjoying it. Explore 'new' authors and you might be surprised what you might discover.