Nestlé! This is Your Perfect Koko Krunch Shape!

The box: limited edition Koko shapes.
For those familiar with the Nestlé’s Koko Krunch cereal, you might also be familiar with the shape of their flakes since, as far as I can remember, its inception - it’s a curved concave quarter moon shape with pointy ends.

I don’t know if I’m the only one in this but I hate that shape. Before you judge me for that, I have a good reason: it’s not simply about aesthetic, the pointy ends dig into my gum, especially when I eat the cereal with milk. What? Have you never eaten this without milk? Anyway, the poking absolutely takes out all the joy of eating its chocolatey goodness... seriously.

Recently, they have been selling, and I have been buying, the limited edition; the one with the shape of the flake is the head of the cute koala that’s been the mascot of the cereal. And guess what? It doesn’t dig into my gum!

The koala-shaped flakes. Top-left insert: the original shape.
However, considering the koala-shaped version is a limited edition, I’m guessing they are going to go back to the original shape; and considering the Koko Krunch we know has always been that pointy, gum-poking thingy, there’s ‘heritage’ at stake. But don't you think, in this case, change is good? 

By the way, did you know that Koko Krunch is also known as Chocapic in some countries? Only that the mascot is different.

One more thing, just for the record, I don't eat this cereal every day. Everything in moderation, don't you agree?


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