Making Baby Lips with Maybelline

Baby lips in a stick.
I made history! I finished up a lip balm up to its very core. You see, I never did buy many lip balms before and when I did I never finished them; this I blame the texture of lip balms in general. But this time, I did finish one; and nothing is left of the Nivea Watering; I even used a lip brush to get to the bottom of the product.

I bought the Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry months before I finished the Nivea Watering. I promised myself to finish what I was using first before starting a new one, because I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have finished the older one.

One thing about the Baby Lips I absolutely love is the smell - it’s berry like. Berry like what? Berry like berries. I’ll smell it first before putting it on.

Another thing I don’t quite like about lip balms in general is that they make your lipstick lasts a few seconds, OK maybe a few minutes and then it's gone; because there’s a filmy layer under your lipstick, the colour won’t last long; there's no hard ground to hold on to; it will just glide on. What I do is that I apply whichever lip balm I currently use and leave it overnight and you’ll have softer lips the next day, and don't need to apply your lip balm before your lipstick. Particularly for the Maybelline Baby Lips, it seems to have an exfoliating effect in which dead skin comes off revealing a softer layer, which I don’t think happened with the Nivea Watering. The exfoliation, I think, makes my lips softer and stay that way well into the next day.

So, just apply this lip balm and behold your lips going Benjamin Button on you. Jenson Button on the other hand… will probably like this lip balm for its softening effect, but the cheery poppy design will probably cramp his style.