Wet Wipes: When Washing Your Hands is a Luxury

Wet wipes and tissues - they're quite one and the same.
I always wash my hands with water and cleanser before food; either touching or eating. When I’m at home the tap and cleanser are always at hand. When I’m outside that’s another matter.

That’s where wet wipes/tissues come in. And I rely on them quite heavily even when food is not concerned, such as right after I’ve touched something dirty that doesn’t require too thorough a cleansing and there’s no way to wash it off right away.

The two brands that I use often and almost exclusively, not due to any particular reasons by the way, are the Guardian Wet Wipes and Watsons Wet Tissues - both are in-house brands of their respective moniker.

Bulbous honeycomb texture.
The two wipes in general look just like a cotton pad that we use to remove makeup or apply toner with, but larger in size like a handkerchief and is moistened and infused with cleansing properties.  Both are housed in resealable packages. They seem to be made of fibrous material but are tightly constructed than the regular cotton pads so it’s more difficult to tear one up even if you can stretch them a little; and they don’t dissolve, which is why they should not be flushed away in the toilet.

As printed on the pack, the Guardian's wet wipes are gentle enough to use on your hands and face. I have tried them on my face occasionally whenever I want to remove some makeup but I haven’t used them as a complete makeup remover. I must say that my skin doesn't react badly to it.

Smooth but invigorating.
Both the Watsons' and Guardian's wet wipes are scented; the Guardian’s are the lighter of the two. There a bit of texture on the Guardian's; an embossed honeycomb as opposed to a smooth surface of the Watsons’. Either one is fine by me; they seem to clean well enough and they are very gentle. Both tissues are almost exactly the same size.

I prefer these wet tissues to a hand sanitizer as I feel you will remove the physical presence of dirt instead of moving it around as it seems with a liquid hand sanitizer, which will require some sort of a wipe if there is dirt on your hand anyway.

But of course if I know that I have touched something really, really dirty then water and soap is the only option no matter where I am.

Of the two, I like the Guardian's wet wipes better for the lighter scent and my favourite is Sea Breeze [the blue pack], but the Watsons’ pack takes less space in the bag.

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