Sunday, March 29, 2015

MEC iPort Portable Air Conditioner: Never Let Other People Buy You Stuff

Left: The iPort when not in use. Right: View from above; it slides open when turned on.
Let me start by saying, I hate waste - wastefulness to be exact. And when a purchase is done by someone else for example as a gift, or without consulting you, the chances of 'waste' is greater by, say 110%. That might be stretching it a bit but you get the idea.

I would also like to say that none of these is MEC's or Fimaco's fault. Isn't the burden of due diligence lies with the consumers? Besides, we did not buy these directly from Fimaco.

To give you an idea what an iPort is, as per MEC's website, the iPort is 'intelligently Portable'. It is basically an air conditioning system which is portable and doesn't require to be wall-mounted to use.

Push it around and the iPort travels on its wheels - almost as big as one of those large wheeled luggage bags. Plug it and turn it on, it simply starts without much help. The portability however stops there.

The Problem(s)
For one thing, you do have to deal with warm air that comes out at the back. Unless you're OK with warm air circulating your room, you do have to direct the detachable tube somewhere to let it out. There lies your problem. Mine, rather. The options are: to make a hole in your wall or use the supplied accessories on your window. There lies two more problems: making a hole in the wall is out of the question, and the kit only works with sliding windows or those that open vertically or horizontally. Mine aren't.

Design-wise, it is very much right up my alley. If you have an iPhone or iPod or whatever 'i' device-themed decor, the iPort blends almost seamlessly. Also, it will be easier to take your air conditioner with you when you move house.

I didn't buy these myself [we have two]. Had I bought these, I would have been very disappointed with myself for not searching and reading up on it, or seeing the unit in person before making a purchase.

So, is there a happy ending to this story? Sort of. One unit is in my brother's room - he has improvised and the iPort is somewhat useable. The other one becomes a paper weight because there is no window in our living room [let alone a sliding one] and we haven't found anywhere else to use it yet.

It's a very large paper.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Keep Walking Back to Fabiano Ricco

The name sounds Italian, no?
I'm at a point in my life where I don't feel the need to buy a Prada or a Gucci and definitely not a Louboutin... yet.

For everyday shoes and not-so-everyday shoes, I find that I keep coming back to one brand - Fabiano Ricco. I have three pairs already and that says a lot because I have never had that many of any shoe brand in my collection. My brand of choice has been quite varied including Bonia, Vincci, Carlo Rino and some odd brands thrown in.

Comfort - Choose Wisely
I realise that comfort depends partly on the design and in part, the material. I don't know if I simply got lucky, but all three pairs of my Fabiano Ricco shoes have been relatively comfortable for more than light walking, especially the one in black in the photo above - I did have to break them in a little. This is not to say that all their shoes are comfortable though; that would be like saying everything at McDonald's is delicious... wouldn't it?

Price - Right Next to Bonia
If you find Prada too expensive, Bonia might be a good substitute. If you find Bonia too expensive, Fabiano Ricco sits right next to it. And that suits me very well, thank you.

No Italiano
I suppose there's some sort of appeal in using Italian names on leather goods, specifically on shoes and bags, even if they are manmade 'leather'. Despite its name, Fabiano Ricco is based in Malaysia; according to their website, they are based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia with stores nationwide, including in Brunei and Indonesia.

I'm not going to stay loyal to one brand for brand's sake however. I'm planning to keep looking for great designs and comfort and if it happens to be Fabiano Ricco, so let it be. Who knows, I might find myself owning a designer brand one day.

Are you brand-loyal when it comes to shoes?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Priming My Skin with Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer

Where would my pores be without you? Staring back at you, of course.
I'm a former acne sufferer and I have a peculiarly sensitive skin. Because of that, I don't like putting too much on my skin, be it skincare or makeup. I'm not much of a makeup girl in the first place.

I bought the Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer [Estee Lauder] [Sephora] in the hopes of getting that relatively perfect canvas without much effort. As much hope I have into a product, I was prepared to be reasonable.

At Sephora, I thought the texture of the Illuminating Perfecting Primer was more to my liking - a bit more hydrating I could say. But, any oily girl would know better to go for matte - providing you moisturise of course.

Despite my initial fondness of the other primer, I love how this goes on my skin. It doesn't feel heavy and I don't feel that it simply 'sits' there. I can say that it feels like when I put on the Idealist Skin Refinisher, and covers like one as well.

Oil-Controlling Power
If I wear it alone on a moisturised face, I can see some oil forming up slightly especially on and around my nose after six or seven hours of use. After ten hours, I can expect my skin to be drenched, I mean covered, in oil.

Pore-Minimising Power
This primer is supposed to be an under-makeup primer. It says there on their website. With that in mind, whatever pores peeking out afterwards should be taken care of by your foundation or powder. Safe to say that it relatively minimises my pores that I have gone out without anything else on top. But, that's just me.

Flaw-Minimising Power
I'm afraid my flaws are too powerful for this primer. A makeup in a tube can do so much, but it's not a miracle; unless your flaws are minimal, or the texture of your skin is not as uneven as mine. It does make the texture of my skin appear somewhat smooth, but not entirely.

How My Skin Reacts
It's difficult to predict how my skin will react to a skincare or makeup - it has a mind of its own and doesn't invite me to the meeting. Thankfully, my skin takes it kindly to this primer and doesn't break out, get clogged or become irritated.

It's Weird
On to the weird stuff. The reason why I have been using this primer alone or with a powder is that it changes the texture of my BB cream - it does so with my concealer as well, but I use very little concealer and mostly on my eyes, so that's not a problem. What I mean is that my BB cream becomes a bit sticky and doesn't spread quite as evenly - not even if I wait for the primer to settle.

However, I'm willing to live with that idiosyncrasy and just use powder. Also, depends on the financial report [mine that is], I might be purchasing this primer again.

What's your favourite primer?

My Blog, My Glasses and My Decision to Wear Contact Lenses

I'm as blind as a bat without these. No offence, bats.
I thought it would be fitting to start off my blog with something dear and close to me - my eyes.

It was around June 2014 that I made a big mistake when I bought a new pair of glasses. It was a combination of the wrong frame and the wrong lenses. I love the frame though. It could be much better if the lenses were not as thick. However, the mistake was made and I was left with an 800 pound gorilla on my face. OK, not the right metaphor, but nevertheless, my nose hurts, my ears hurt whenever I wear my glasses [yes, I still do wear them].

Months into wearing the glasses, it became unbearable that I decided to go full contacts [excruciating pun intended], and I'm really glad I did. For someone who has been wearing glasses my whole life, it was quite liberating to have nothing clinging onto my face the whole time. I couldn't stop smiling when I first tried them on, even though it wasn't truly my first time [I had a trial pair a long time ago].

I have now found a comfortable pair, and looking forward to keep wearing contacts; and hopefully blogging about them here.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Which one do you prefer?