My Blog, My Glasses and My Decision to Wear Contact Lenses

I'm as blind as a bat without these. No offence, bats.
I thought it would be fitting to start off my blog with something dear and close to me - my eyes.

It was around June 2014 that I made a big mistake when I bought a new pair of glasses. It was a combination of the wrong frame and the wrong lenses. I love the frame though. It could be much better if the lenses were not as thick. However, the mistake was made and I was left with an 800 pound gorilla on my face. OK, not the right metaphor, but nevertheless, my nose hurts, my ears hurt whenever I wear my glasses [yes, I still do wear them].

Months into wearing the glasses, it became unbearable that I decided to go full contacts [excruciating pun intended], and I'm really glad I did. For someone who has been wearing glasses my whole life, it was quite liberating to have nothing clinging onto my face the whole time. I couldn't stop smiling when I first tried them on, even though it wasn't truly my first time [I had a trial pair a long time ago].

I have now found a comfortable pair, and looking forward to keep wearing contacts; and hopefully blogging about them here.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Which one do you prefer?