I Keep Walking Back to Fabiano Ricco

The name sounds Italian, no?
I'm at a point in my life where I don't feel the need to buy a Prada or a Gucci and definitely not a Louboutin... yet.

For everyday shoes and not-so-everyday shoes, I find that I keep coming back to one brand - Fabiano Ricco. I have three pairs already and that says a lot because I have never had that many of any shoe brand in my collection. My brand of choice has been quite varied including Bonia, Vincci, Carlo Rino and some odd brands thrown in.

Comfort - Choose Wisely
I realise that comfort depends partly on the design and in part, the material. I don't know if I simply got lucky, but all three pairs of my Fabiano Ricco shoes have been relatively comfortable for more than light walking, especially the one in black in the photo above - I did have to break them in a little. This is not to say that all their shoes are comfortable though; that would be like saying everything at McDonald's is delicious... wouldn't it?

Price - Right Next to Bonia
If you find Prada too expensive, Bonia might be a good substitute. If you find Bonia too expensive, Fabiano Ricco sits right next to it. And that suits me very well, thank you.

No Italiano
I suppose there's some sort of appeal in using Italian names on leather goods, specifically on shoes and bags, even if they are manmade 'leather'. Despite its name, Fabiano Ricco is based in Malaysia; according to their website, they are based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia with stores nationwide, including in Brunei and Indonesia.

I'm not going to stay loyal to one brand for brand's sake however. I'm planning to keep looking for great designs and comfort and if it happens to be Fabiano Ricco, so let it be. Who knows, I might find myself owning a designer brand one day.

Are you brand-loyal when it comes to shoes?