Priming My Skin with Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer

Where would my pores be without you? Staring back at you, of course.
I'm a former acne sufferer and I have a peculiarly sensitive skin. Because of that, I don't like putting too much on my skin, be it skincare or makeup. I'm not much of a makeup girl in the first place.

I bought the Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer [Estee Lauder] [Sephora] in the hopes of getting that relatively perfect canvas without much effort. As much hope I have into a product, I was prepared to be reasonable.

At Sephora, I thought the texture of the Illuminating Perfecting Primer was more to my liking - a bit more hydrating I could say. But, any oily girl would know better to go for matte - providing you moisturise of course.

Despite my initial fondness of the other primer, I love how this goes on my skin. It doesn't feel heavy and I don't feel that it simply 'sits' there. I can say that it feels like when I put on the Idealist Skin Refinisher, and covers like one as well.

Oil-Controlling Power
If I wear it alone on a moisturised face, I can see some oil forming up slightly especially on and around my nose after six or seven hours of use. After ten hours, I can expect my skin to be drenched, I mean covered, in oil.

Pore-Minimising Power
This primer is supposed to be an under-makeup primer. It says there on their website. With that in mind, whatever pores peeking out afterwards should be taken care of by your foundation or powder. Safe to say that it relatively minimises my pores that I have gone out without anything else on top. But, that's just me.

Flaw-Minimising Power
I'm afraid my flaws are too powerful for this primer. A makeup in a tube can do so much, but it's not a miracle; unless your flaws are minimal, or the texture of your skin is not as uneven as mine. It does make the texture of my skin appear somewhat smooth, but not entirely.

How My Skin Reacts
It's difficult to predict how my skin will react to a skincare or makeup - it has a mind of its own and doesn't invite me to the meeting. Thankfully, my skin takes it kindly to this primer and doesn't break out, get clogged or become irritated.

It's Weird
On to the weird stuff. The reason why I have been using this primer alone or with a powder is that it changes the texture of my BB cream - it does so with my concealer as well, but I use very little concealer and mostly on my eyes, so that's not a problem. What I mean is that my BB cream becomes a bit sticky and doesn't spread quite as evenly - not even if I wait for the primer to settle.

However, I'm willing to live with that idiosyncrasy and just use powder. Also, depends on the financial report [mine that is], I might be purchasing this primer again.

What's your favourite primer?