Plug-in Mosquito Repellent: Refills that Work with Ridsect Liquid Heater/Plug

Two bottles are better than one.
I started to use one of those mosquito repellent that looks like a plug-in air freshener a few years ago. I still use them now. It’s very convenient. You simply plug it in and turn the switch on and leave it there until you want to switch it off or on again. You don’t have to do much except check if the liquid is still available; and if you have bought the one that gives off a scent you’ll find that out easier.

Thank goodness for the neck.

For some time, I had been using the Ridsect Liquid refills simply because I didn’t know if any of the refills from other brands would fit the plug which came with the first refill I bought. That was until I just went ahead and bought a couple of refills from different brands. And so, the key is in the neck; it has to fit in the opening of the plug. And the two [my] refill additions - the Mortein Liquid and Fumakilla Jumbo Vape Liquid M - fit.

In short, the four liquid electric mosquito repellent I’ve tried:

- Ridsect Liquid-P in green label

- Ridsect Liquid in red label

- Mortein Liquid

- Fumakilla Jumbo Vape Liquid M

You will need this to do the vaporising. 
The main difference that worth mentioning is that, the Ridsect Liquid-P [in green label] and Fumakilla Jumbo Vape Liquid M both give off a stronger scent which the other two don’t.

I have added these mosquito repellents to other areas outside the bedroom for extra protection; and also it works better if you turn it on right after dark and leave it till morning.

& More 

I still use one of those aerosol sprays for mosquitoes and other bugs but these plug-ins are so convenient that I use the aerosols less.

& Buy

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