Preferring One Shampoo Over Another

The two shampoos together.

Until about four years ago I had been using the same shampoo for longer than I should be using. Not that I hated it entirely; I loved the smell, I loved how it made my hair feel light, clean and smell fresh longer than any other shampoo I had used. 

I felt something. Must be the bottle.

About four years ago I decided to try a new shampoo, not because I had a pressing need to do so but there was something that I felt not quite right with the shampoo I was using which, up to that point, I had been tolerating for no apparent reason. And then I saw one promising to be ‘pure’ and ‘virtually zero weight’.

I like the scent of both shampoos; one has a citrus smell and another I think is a bit on the berry side. Both give me that clean feeling which I think a shampoo should give. One has a transparent gel-like texture and another is a green lotion-like; but neither of which I prefer over another.

So, what separates the two? 

Irritation. I’m not talking about the scalp, but the skin on my face. Being a shampoo, it’s not easy to keep it off your face. I mean my face. So it will inevitably get all over my face while rinsing or maybe just a bit if I’m careful, but still it will. Kermit says, it’s not easy being green. I say, it’s not easy on my skin.

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- Sunsilk Shampoos [Lazada Malaysia]