Weekday Naima Floral Lace Triangle Bra & Hipster Brief Set

It took me a minute to figure out what MTWTFSS means.

I bought the Weekday’s Naima Floral Lace Bra and Brief set about a year ago, almost as immediately as they were made available at ASOS. I had initially wanted to blog about it right away but life has a way of getting in the way and I kept putting it off. At the time of writing, only the bra is still available at ASOS.

Size / Fit

One of the main reasons why I bought the Weekday’s set was because I was able to find the product measurements on their website, even if only in the small size. This I find is an important factor in online shopping - giving context to the sizes. Ideally, product measurements from the extra large to extra small should be made available, but for my purpose the sizes S and XS are enough.

Going back to the Naima set, I decided I might fit in the extra small. For comparison, I wear size 32A bras and, depending on brands, extra small or small briefs, and sometimes even medium. 

The actual measurements of the XS of the Naima set as measured by yours truly are as follows:

Naima Hipsters  
Seat [hip] circumference - 66cm 
Front rise - 14cm [from top of gusset lining to hip] 

Naima Soft Bra 
Chest circumference - 62cm 
Cup height - 14cm [laid down flat, did not stretch]

The bra and panties fit me; the cups could be a bit smaller, but they are not baggy. I use the outermost ‘eye’ of the hook-and-eye closure, which is what I prefer as you can work your way in as the bands stretch over time.

You can see the texture and my hand underneath.


The Naima set is made of a single layer of mesh with thin velvety patches which, together, make a floral pattern. The mesh is thin and see through. The fabric is elastic and not extremely soft but not harsh either; I feel that it is relatively comfortable and doesn’t irritate the skin. 


I have bought the Naima set in purple; if I remember correctly, it was the only colour available at ASOS. The purple is a dull, dark purple, slightly darker than pictured on ASOS. I have chosen this set particularly because of the colour as I have resolved to make it my mission to avoid buying lingerie in black, red or skin-coloured - all of the usual colours you associate with underwear - OK maybe if they are extremely, extremely pretty I might consider them. There are a lot of pretty colours out there and it’s a shame to confine lingerie to only a certain set of colours. 

Bottom line, one thing I wish they had done is that I wish, for the bra, they had added a thin padding or more layers to the cup, otherwise it’s a bit pointless really… or pointy, whichever you look at it.

& More

- I wrote some time ago about the two bras that I bought from ASOS. Those two have had so much use, and not being particularly delicately cared for as they are machine-washed [in a laundry bag]. It seems the Ann Summer's bra is a bit more durable; there barely any frayed edges and no loose strings.

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